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Herons on the Lake

Spring means the return of the Great Blue Herons. They nest along a nearby creek, and fish this lake near my office during the day. There is one shot with a guys head in the foreground. The Heron had noticed his stringer of trout and was doing his best to get it. I included that shot to illustrate how close he got to the guy and his stringer of fish. The shots with the Heron on the dock, I just thought those were funny.

My first Great Blue Heron of 2013

This morning while I was capturing the sunrise at Quail Lake, I saw my first heron of the year. I went back and lunch and watched as he caught two trout. Lots of good ones in here, and lots of ones best seen in a series. So I apologize in advance for the number of images in the gallery.

Hawk vs Snake

yes, the hawk wins. Sorry about the last image’s quality. I shot it leaning out the passenger side window, from the drivers side. No easy task with a fully extended 500mm lens. these shots show the progression of the attack. from lamp post, to where he missed it, then hit it before it got to the weeds.