Manitou Lake

We actually got up and going at a decent time today, that’s pretty amazing for us on a Saturday. We got some stuff finished up in the yard, Home Depot installed the new microwave, and I packed a lunch and we hit the road. We ended up at Rampart Reservoir where we got rained on. The fire damage up there is amazing, heart breaking really for such a beautiful area. We left there, stopped in woodland park for a bit, then ended up at Manitou Lake. We saw some Pelicans, a beaver, and a few other fun birds.

Feeding Castor Canadensis

Saturday night, time to check out the beavers. Yep, its an exciting life we lead here in Colorado.It was essentially dark out for several of these pictures. I was really pushing the limits of my camera in many of these.

Sunday night Beaver show

we took a walk tonight downtown. The beavers were out, and according to Gordon (the old guy who keeps an eye on them) there are now 9 in the pond. One of last years babies built a house downstream. the house was washed out in a recent storm, so a couple nights ago she moved back in with two of her own babies. Mom and Dad beaver had already gone over the hill and into the creek when we got there. He’s probably looking for some trees so he can build an addition.

Nice Beaver!

Monday night walking the dogs at Monument Valley Park. After the sun had gone down we were headed back towards the car. Much to our surprise we saw a pair of beavers in the pond. There was a neat old guy named Gordon there feeding them fresh tree branches. He says the pair has been there for about 9 years. The amount of wildlife right under our noses in this city never ceases to amaze me. I should also add that these were shot after sunset. I was up to 1250 and 1600 iso, and shooting with a slow a shutter speed as I could.