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2013 National Solo Dance Championship

I had the pleasure of shooting this event again this year. The after party was on the World Arena ice. The girls (and boys) are and awesome group to shoot and it is really neat to see them all having so much fun.

Lighting to the East

A friend of mine posted some great lighting clips from up on the ridge. It was time to walk the dogs so I tagged along, provided we walked up on the ridge. It was one of those nights where the photography gods were smiling on me. All three of these shots are just cropped to 16×9. Each one the lighting was damn near dead center on my lens. Damn lucky since I had my 70-200 on the camera!

RIP Chester the Pig

Our Guinea Pig Chester had to be put down today. In the immortal words of charlotte, he was “some pig”. He developed some kind of growth behind his eye, he lost the use of it almost right away. We tried some antibiotics, but he wasn’t responding well and he stopped eating and playing, so I know we did the right thing. He was a good pig, and he will be missed.

Pucks and Hats

I am slowly but surely growing my puck and other memorabilia collection. This album is my pucks and hats. I am missing a couple pucks, I’ll add those soon.